Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way Part 2

Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way Part 2

These roads are part of the reason you need so much time to see this beautiful part of the country. They are just so much fun when you meet an oncoming tractor! But the destination makes the journey all worthwhile. Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is worthy of more than just a day trip. This would be our second day exploring this area. Our destination one more time were the magnificent Cliffs of Moher. This time we decided to do the northern half of the coastal walk. We would start from the small town of Doolin to the visitors center ( for Vanessa to pee) and back. After a few directions from the locals, and then one more we could actually understand we finally found the start of the trail.

The start of the trail was very different to the southern part we had done a few days earlier. Here it was mostly farmland and smaller cliffs. After about an hour of walking the trail started to climb. It was here we finally found the parking lot the Irishman we couldn’t understand in Doolin was probably trying to tell us about. A short walk from here we were were finally rewarded with some more of the stunning views we had seen on our last trip.

After about another hour we finally neared the visitor center and all the tourists that go with it. It was nowhere near as crowded as our last trip. Most of them seemed to turn back a short way before, what I thought, was the most impressive part of the trail. I really do need to Google how many people die at this spot every year taking selfies. I’m sure it has to be quite a few. Luckily we found a nice quiet time in between groups to take some pictures ourselves. Vanessa did the picture taking for a change. There was no way she was stepping out on this rock to have her picture taken! 

After a wonderful picnic lunch on top of the cliffs, and a bathroom break at the visitor’s center, we started on the return journey back to Doolin with ominous looking black clouds coming our way. With about an hour still to go, the skies opened up. Along with vicious coastal winds, this made a painful and wet final approach to Doolin. This was the kind of weather I was expecting more of in Ireland instead of the blue sky days we had been getting. After what turned into an almost 5 hour hike, we finally reached the car, damp and tired.

After visiting a few souvenir shops just to get warm, we decided it was time to just head home. We would have to come back another day to finish up with this part of the Emerald Isle.

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